REUs Visit UAB Graduate Fair

2017 Graduate Fair

There is a lot of graduate programs to explore at UAB and our 2017 REUs had the opportunity to talk with program representatives in a variety of disciplines at UAB.  The Graduate Fair was deemed a success by our REUs and they felt that they learned a great deal about their options (whether here at UAB or elsewhere.

REUs Participate in UAB 2017 Summer Expo

Live From the 2017 Summer Expo

We are so proud of Class of 2017 REUs and the outstanding work that they did in the lab, their PowerPoint presentations, research papers and of course showcasing the culmination of their hard work at the 2017 Summer Expo.  A huge part of our program is the experience of presenting their research to a broad audience. The annual Expo gives them just such an opportunity to share that knowledge through being well prepared to explain their work and answer questions posed to them by judges and other Expo attendees.

Physics Alumni Dr. Thomas McCauley

Physics alumni, Thomas McCauley has been named Chief Scientific Officer at RaNA Therapeutics.  Ron Renaud, Chief Executive Officer of RaNA Therapeutics says “Tom’s scientific leadership and demonstrated expertise in preclinical discovery, as well as translational and clinical development of small molecule and biologic drugs for rare diseases will be critical as we pioneer unparalleled innovation around selective gene upregulation.”Read the full press release here.