We are currently seeking creative, motivated, and inquisitive individuals at various career stages.


Interested undergraduate students at UAB or in the Birmingham area should contact Dr. Worthey (lworthey@uab.edu) directly for information on positions available. We are interested in students from both Biology and Computer Science/Data Science/Statistics backgrounds. We can offer a variety of projects ranging from software development through data analytics to biomedical research.


Individuals interested in a Ph.D. from UAB who have a strong background in biomedical science, computational biology, or bioinformatics should apply directly to the UAB Graduate Biomedical Sciences (GBS) program, an umbrella program that houses eight distinct research themes. This includes the Genetics, Genomics, & Bioinformatics (GGB) theme, which most directly correlates to the work underway in CGDS.

We are also interested in considering MSc students for positions within the lab. Interested students should contact Dr. Worthey (lworthey@uab.edu) directly for information about these types of positions.

Additionally, we are interested in partnering with our colleagues in Computer Science to train graduate students from within the computer and data science fields to work on biomedical applications and would be happy to explore possible positions in that area.

Current UAB GBS graduate students should contact Dr. Worthey (lworthey@uab.edu) directly for information about lab rotations. The lab is open to adding an additional graduate student in 2024-2025. Funding for this position is secured.


Individuals seeking a postdoctoral position should contact Dr. Worthey (lworthey@uab.edu) directly, providing a resume, a brief research statement outlining both past and future research directions, and contact information for references. Ideal postdoctoral candidates will demonstrate a dedication to research, be highly motivated and willing to learn new approaches, have a can-do attitude, and be willing to contribute to the integrity and motivation of the team.