Our mission

As a multi-disciplinary team working in collaboration with experts here at UAB and around the world, the Center for Computational Genomics and Data Science (CGDS) works to translate data in to knowledge to drive discovery, development, and delivery of omics based methods for precision medicine. As part of the UAB School of Medicine and departments of Pediatrics and Pathology, we aspire to helping patients, the families, and those we take care of them through development and application of groundbreaking tools and strategies for diagnosis and prognosis.

Center for Computational Genomics and Data Science Team Picture Spring 2020

Innovative tools and strategies find answers for patients with rare diseases

  • Apply tools and methods to uncover new and novel information that provide benefits for patients
  • Novel strategies for discovery of molecular variations and new therapies that can affect healthy and diseased patients
  • Crafting commercial-grade analysis software and other tools enabling scientific discovery and accelerating clinical research
Word Cloud of the cumulation of skills within the center

CGDS Ethos Assertions

  • We love doing science and we cherish the team members we do science with
  • We strive to be excellent scientists in all of our endeavors and serve as our own toughest critics
  • We are one team with many specialties, fearless in the pursuit of science, and open and transparent in our goals
  • We embrace collaboration and are willing to step up to opportunities
  • We seek productive and constructive criticism from colleagues
  • We are accountable for our errors; the buck stops with us; individually and as a team
  • We strive to cause no unnecessary harm and to be generous with our time and resources
  • We do not just take cases that we know we can solve; no patient should be left behind
  • We are curious; we have grit and are willing to work hard to solve hard problems
  • We are a little intense and a bit quirky and we like it that way; it’s one of our strengths
  • We operate as a team; the diversity of our team should mirror the diversity of the people our team serves
  • We care a lot about maintaining an inclusive culture on the team
  • We innovate unconventionally and strive to not take ourselves too seriously
  • We embrace the concept of ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’; accomplishments of any team member contribute to the overall good reputation of our team and helps us all