Bosley was rescued in 2014 from the GBHS by Kate. He is an old man type of dog, who enjoys dinner time, naps on the couch, and occasionally plays with his brother Edgar.

Edgar Allen Poe was adopted in 2019 by Kate and is more dog-like than cat-like. He is the first to greet you, loves attention, loves going outside, and loves talking A LOT.

Wilbur, Kate's dog.

Wilbur was found on the side of the road in March 2023 by Kate, and she is fostering him through Dixie Girl Dog Rescue looking to find his forever home. He is a sweet short little fella who loves belly rubs and patio naps.

Fry & Daisy (featured directly below) are littermates, ten years old, and owned by Brandon. Fry loves cuddles, nuzzling, and rolling around outside.

Daisy is timid and a boss; when she meows, she sounds like a cat that’s smoked a pack a day for decades.

Luna is Brandon’s American Eskimo (a.k.a. German Spitz) with tons of energy, super clever while super derpy. She gets so excited for everyone to get home when they leave and loves cuddling with everyone in our family. Luna is the only animal liked by all the cats. The two cat pairs don’t exactly get along. Luna’s best fri-enemy is Whisper, and you’ll always find them playing despite him acting like he doesn’t like her.

Stone and Whisper (featured directly below) are also littermates owned by Brandon. Stone is the friendliest and sweetest cat you’ll ever meet (even his meow is super sweet); everyone is his best friend.

Whisper thinks he’s the king of everything but has the grace of a dog. He’s affectionately known as “The Prince of Darkness” because he can be a real jerk when he wants attention.