CGDS and U-BDS Host R-Focused Carpentry Workshop

UAB’s CGDS and the U-BDS (Biological Data Science Core) held a Software Carpentry Workshop on December 14-15, 2023, to teach researchers computational skills. Instructors Manavalan Gajapathy, Austyn Trull, Bharat Mishra, Shaurita Hutchins, and Samuel Bharti, with the help of Santhosh Karthikeyan, Nilesh Kumar, Tarun Mamidi, and Yuwei Song, led sessions on the Unix Shell, version control with Git, and R and RStudio. The workshop included hands-on exercises and covered topics like data frame manipulation with dplyr and creating graphics with ggplot2. The event was designed to enhance participants’ technical skills and encourage using computational methods in research.

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