Cardiovascular Clinical Trials

Our lab began in 2016 under the directorship of Dr. Pankaj Arora, MD, FAHA, and Dr. Garima Arora, MD, MRCP. The primary focus of the lab is the natriuretic peptide system. These peptides influence heart health, and those with insufficient levels are more likely to develop cardiometabolic disease. Our goal is to use this research to facilitate the development of therapy for cardiomeatabolic diseases where conventional therapies have failed. Our lab has an interdisciplinary approach that combines cardiovascular epidemiology, human clinical trials, molecular biology, and cardiovascular genetics

Where Research Comes From the Heart

Our lab understands the importance of the community. That is why we make it our mission to connect with the people that we serve. Our lab members currently work in multiple communities around the Birmingham Metro area by checking blood pressures and providing education about heart health. If you would like us to visit your community please email