Disinfectant Toolkit

The purpose of this toolkit is provide organizations, employees, and other users with comprehensive guidance and insight on the selection and proper usage of common disinfectants. Specifically, it focuses on guiding users through the EPA’s List N to find information on a specific disinfectant and determine if the disinfectant can manage and eradicate COVID-19 and other infectious agents, and how to use the disinfectant safely and effectively. After using this toolkit, users should feel proficient in the efficient, effective, and safe usage of disinfectants in your environment(s).

How to use the toolkit:

  • Step 1: Pre-Test
  • Step 2: EPA’s List N
  • Step 3: Disinfectant Products
  • Step 4: Work and Factsheets
  • Step 5: Post-Test
  • Additional Resources

Please proceed to and complete Step 1: Pre-Test, which will in tandem with Step 5: Post-Test, will help us gauge the effectiveness of and improve this toolkit.