Meet our current scholars


Ashley Denslow

Theme: Immunology

I think the main advantage of being an AMC21 scholar is the funding for travel and professional development, allowing me more freedom to explore the field in a way that may not have been possible without the additional funding. Though, I think all aspects of this scholar program are invaluable. Having the partial stipend support will make it easier for a PI to take me on as a student. Finally, the mentoring and networking opportunities will give me valuable insight into the steps I should take to become a successful scientist. Overall, the program appears thoughtfully designed to ensure student development and success.

Meet Patel

Theme: Cancer Biology

Being an AMC21 scholar, I will have access to faculties with different perspectives and areas of expertise for guidance, networking, and career development. AMC21 scholarship will provide me with discretionary funds which can be useful for professional and personal development as a scientist by attending various international conferences and getting access to computer programs which can be helpful for my research. Having additional funding towards stipend support also makes me very competitive to join lab of my interest. Additionally, I will also get valuable inputs and critical feedbacks by scholarly professors and students on my fellowship applications which will make it more likely to be funded.

Abigail Brooks

Theme: Pathobiology, Pharmacology, and Physiology

Being a recipient of the AMC22 scholarship has been one of my proudest academic accomplishments to date. This scholarship program emphasizes UAB’s commitment to its students and the passion that this academic community has for its success in the fields of research. 
UAB is a melting pot of intelligent, driven, and collaborative individuals. Personally, the scholarship serves as positive reinforcement that I have clearly chosen the correct path for my future. Receiving extra opportunities to be creative in research, while gaining valuable additional mentorship, cannot be overstated. UAB is setting the standard for the recruitment and commitment for securing highly motivated individuals who are determined to work together to make the world a better, safer place. I am so proud to be considered a small part of this group.

Md. Hasanul Banna Siam

Theme: Microbiology

The AMC21 scholarship had a significant impact on my decision to join UAB Microbiology as it made the admission offer unrivaled with its extra funding, mentor support, and networking opportunities. Receiving a prestigious scholarship and being part of the community of scholars is a genuine privilege. Moreover, the scientific discretionary fund opens windows of opportunities such as purchasing a personal computer, attending conferences, doing a mini-sabbatical in another lab, or even enrolling in a course at another institution. I find the AMC21 scholars program to be a great platform and I want to utilize these fantastic resources during PhD training to advance my career.

Kyle Sahlberg

Theme: Immunology

I believe the main advantage of being an AMC21 scholar is the additional flexibility it provides for conducting research and traveling to conferences. The extra funding will allow me the flexibility to experiment with new ideas as I am conducting research and will provide me with the ability to attend additional conferences. Furthermore, the AMC21 Scholar Program provides access to an AMC21 scientific mentoring committee so that I can learn from their expertise and be more successful when applying for fellowships to further my career.

John Bailey Echols

Theme: Genetics, Genomics, and Bioinformatics

I feel as though the main advantages of being an AMC21 scholar are both the travel funding and stipend support. Compared to other incoming students, I think this helps to gain a small advantage in choosing labs that will more likely take you on for your thesis due to the stipend support. Once I am in this lab, I can be more open to travelling to conferences due to the travel support, which should help me to grow by exposing me to more science. All in all, multiple features of the program will allow me to grow as a scientist in multiple ways, but these two features are the ones I plan on using the most.


Ashley Adamson 


Theme: Neuroscience

Mentor: Briana De Miranda, Neurology

I believe that the main advantage of the AMC21 Scholarship is the flexibility it offers in selecting rotations and the selection of a research mentor. Being designated as an exceptional student has not only been a true honor, but it has also opened several doors with potential research mentors. The funds also are a major advantage as they will allow me to purchase equipment and attend conferences earlier on in my career, rocketing me past where I could be otherwise so early on. The support from other scholars as well has been wonderful. I have spoken with several current AMC21 Scholars and they have offered loads of advice on the rotation and mentor selection process.


Ryan Strickland  

Theme: Neuroscience

Mentor: Alecia K. Gross Gutierrez, Neurobiology

The high level of support in my graduate studies is the main advantage of being an AMC21 scholar at UAB. Support comes in many forms through the
AMC21 scholars program and includes additional mentoring, networking, and funding. I believe these pillars of support will help create a strong foundation
and guide me successfully through my graduate studies.     


Patrick Song


Theme: Cancer Biology

Mentor: Anna Sorace, Radiology

The main advantage of joining the AMC21 scholars program is the ability to draw from the experience of the AMC21 scientific mentoring committee. As someone that is interested in revolutionizing cancer treatment, it was really important for me to surround myself with forward thinking individuals and people that are actively seeking to expand what is currently known about cancer therapeutics. Similarly, fellowships and grants tend to have low acceptance rates but having a group of highly successful and respected scientists willing to review my application places me in the most optimal position to succeed.

Abbigael Eli 

photo of abby

Theme: Cancer Biology

Mentor: Jason Warram, Otolaryngology

I believe that the main advantage of being an AMC21 scholar in GBS is having your own dedicated funding for research and conference travel. If there is a lab you want to join that might be hesitant to accept you based on stipend support concerns, the support from AMC21 would solve this issue. It is also greatly advantageous to be able to attend conferences on a predetermined budget, rather than having to apply for separate grants/funding or asking your lab for travel funding.


Courtney Barkley photo of courtney

Theme: Microbiology 

Mentor: Kevin Harrod, Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine

Being offered an AMC21 scholarship heavily influenced my decision to attend UAB because the program is designed to provide the best professional development to its students. I think there are two main advantages of being an AMC21 scholar. The first being the discretionary funds which will broaden my opportunities to improve my scientific communication skills and to build a stronger network of mentors and colleagues. The second being a diverse network of faculty mentors who will provide me with critical guidance throughout my PhD training and career development.


Natalie Remiszewski 

photo of nat

Theme: Neuroscience

Mentor: Nina Kraguljac, Phychiatry

I am very excited to be an AMC21 Scholar! I love that this program will allow me more creative freedom in my research and will give me the opportunity to meet with many other like-minded individuals. I really like knowing that I will have all kinds of mentorship through the AMC21 Scholar Program. I appreciate the emphasis on student support and cannot wait to take advantage of the new and exciting resources at my disposal during the course of my PhD work!