Photo of Gunnars Osis

Gunars Osis

Theme: BSSB
Mentor: Anupam Agarwal, Nephrology

My long-term goal is to pursue a career in academic research with the focus on renal physiology and pathophysiology. I currently am pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Sciences with a goal of becoming an independent researcher and obtaining my own funding to develop a translational research laboratory. When I was choosing between grad schools, UAB has offered me an AMC21 scholarship which swayed my decision to join UAB. The ability to purchase the necessary equipment and attend the conferences, as well as workshops, without any concerns regarding funding is a fantastic attribute of this scholarship.

Additionally, it provided me with the opportunities to have one-on-one meetings with the faculty who are invested in my success. I have also been offered to have my grants reviewed prior to submission which is another great resource that AMC21 is providing. As an international student ineligible for F31, I have applied to the highly competitive American Heart Association as well as American Society of Nephrology pre-doctoral fellowships. To my delight I have been placed first in both study sessions and have been offered both fellowships and ended up accepting American Heart Association one. Anything I needed to succeed – this scholarship provided it for me.

  • Fellowships:
    • American Heart Association Pre-Doctoral Fellowship – offered and accepted
    • ASN KidneyCure Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Program – offered and declined
  • Conferences attended:
    • ASN Kidney Week 2019
    • SSWKC meeting 2019

Photo of Sam MabrySam Mabry

Theme: Neuroscience
Mentor: Aurellio Galli, Surgery

I am a third year graduate student in the neuroscience theme of the GBS program. I have chosen to do my thesis work in the lab of Dr. Aurelio Galli, where I utilize Drosophila melanogaster as an animal model to elucidate how amphetamine operates mechanistically at the dopamine transporter.

The funding from the AMC21 program allowed me flexibility in picking my lab which allowed me to find a perfect fit of scientific interest while also setting me up to achieve my career goals. Furthermore, the discretionary funds have already been very impactful, both for my research and for my growth as a scientist through allowing me to travel to international conferences. I have used the money to purchase a new computer for my lab that is powerful enough to allow me to analyze complex fly behavior videos, a key component of my research. Furthermore, I have attended both the Society for Neuroscience and the Brain in Flux conferences in 2019, where I was able to present my research in the form of a poster at both conferences.

Photo of Rachel AndrewsRachel Andrews

Theme: Microbiology
Mentor: Olaf Kutsch, ID Division DOM