Photo of Tanya PierreTanya Pierre

Theme: CMDB

Mentor: Chad Hunter, Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, Dept. of Medicine

The main advantage of being a member of the AMC21 scholars program is the mentorship opportunity. The access to faculty members with different backgrounds and knowledge bases for guidance throughout a rigorous PhD program is invaluable and allows for the establishment of a scientific support network.


Photo of Derian PughDerian Pugh

Theme: Neuroscience

Mentor: Jeremy Herskowitz, Neurology

I think the main advantage of being an AMC21 scholar are the unique funding opportunities the program offers. As an incoming graduate student looking for a mentor, it is advantageous to have funding to bring to the table when selecting a laboratory for my dissertation work. Most importantly, funding for travel to scientific conferences and professional development will help launch me into career as I pursue my doctoral degree. I also appreciate having a support system of mentors in place willing to review fellowship applications.

Photo of Eddie WilliamsEddie Williams Owiredu

Theme: Pathobiology, Pharmacology, and Physiology

Mentor: Frances Lund, Microbiology

As an aspiring academic researcher, the main advantage of being an AMC21 Scholar, in my opinion, is that it positions me favorably and supports me with the means to accomplish my short and long-term career goals. First, the two-year scholarship that can go toward my stipend support makes me competitive for top labs. In addition to meeting and connecting with keynote speakers during the Annual AMC21 Scholar Program Symposium, the scholarship also provides discretionary funds that can be used to attend scientific conferences. This potentiates the existing opportunity to interact and network with top scientists both at UAB and other institutions. Apart from conferences, I plan to use a part of this fund to purchase a computer and software(s) for my research. Another major benefit is the AMC21 scientific mentoring committee which is dedicated to reviewing fellowship applications for Scholars. This will be key to being successful in obtaining highly competitive fellowships.