August 2022 – Welcome Dr. Sudeshna Samanta and Dr. Raimundas Sereika to our group as postdoc scholars!

July 2022- We had another productive experimental trip conducting two types of high-pressure experiments, X-ray diffraction and X-ray absorption spectroscopy, at the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Lab. Many thanks for the hard work of Greeshma, Haozhe, and Hunter!

June 2022 – Our recent paper on high-pressure studies of topological magnet EuSn2P2 is highlighted on HPCAT website.

June 2022- We are happy to host Haozhe Wang and Jose Gonzalez Jimenez, graduate students from Prof. Weiwei Xie’s group at Rutgers University, for a week-long visit in our group!

 Hunter, Haozhe, and Jose happily posing for picture.


 Group photo after a fun week working together. From left to right: Hunter, Greeshma, Haozhe, and Jose.

May 2022 – Welcome Hunter Kantelis from the University of South Florida to join our group as an undergraduate researcher supported by NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program!

March 2022 – Congratulations to Trenton Culverhouse for acceptance to the prestigious DOE Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI) Program! Trenton will be working at Argonne National Laboratory during the summer of 2022. Have a productive summer, Trenton!

December 2021 – Congratulations to Greeshma Jose and Trenton Culverhouse for conducting their very first set of in-person synchrotron X-ray experiments at three beamlines at APS, ANL! Great job and thanks for the hard work!

August 2021 – Congratulations to Zachary Nix for receiving the GAANN Fellowship! More information about this fellowship can be found here.

July 2021 – Zachary Nix successfully defended his master thesis and is ready to move on to his Ph.D. research in our group. Congratulations and well done!

July 2021 – Congratulations to Trenton Culverhouse for completing the Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program at UAB physics!

June 2021 – We have received the NSF CAREER Award. This award will support our research project on high-pressure studies of quantum states in magnetic topological systems.

January 2021 – We have received the NSF EPSCoR RII-Track 4 grant which supports our research on magnetic topological insulators using synchrotron X-ray techniques.

September 2020 – our first remote experiment on high-pressure X-ray diffraction at APS, ANL went smoothly!

May 2020 – we have been funded by the UAB Faculty Development Grant Program, a seed grant to support our studies of quantum phase transitions in magnetic topological insulators.

February 2020 – our second experimental trip to APS, ANL. During the 10-day long experiments, we successfully performed several experiments at 3 beamlines (3ID-B, 16ID-D, and 13BM-C).

December 2019 – our first experimental trip to APS, ANL since Dr. Bi joined UAB. The 9-day beamtime was productive, and we successfully conducted two experiments at two different beamlines (3ID-B and 13BM-C)!