Welcome to the High Pressure Physics Group!

Our research focuses on understanding of emergent properties of quantum materials (novel magnetism and superconductivity) under extreme conditions including high pressure, low temperature and external magnetic field. Pressure is the most powerful thermodynamic parameter that can change the state of matter, form new bonds, and synthesize new materials. In our lab diamond anvil cells are used to generate extreme pressures. Our group apply synchrotron-based X-ray diffraction (XRD), time-domain synchrotron-based Mössbauer spectroscopy (SMS), X-ray absorption (XAS), X-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD), and magnetic X-ray scattering combined with lab-based transport and magnetization methods to gain deep understanding of novel phases in magnetic and superconducting materials induced by hydrostatic/nonhydrostatic high pressure and uniaxial strain. Our study promotes fundamental understanding of complex interplay of multiple ground sates in quantum materials and provides invaluable insights to synthetic efforts of functional material design.

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