Tyrrell Lab

Most chronic diseases occur at older ages in people, yet most disease models rely on young animals. We study aging specific disease mechanisms by modeling chronic inflammatory diseases using old mice. We use cutting edge molecular biology, immunology, and genetic approaches including flow cytometry, imaging, and single-cell RNA sequencing. We use a variety of murine model systems to understand neurodegeneration and atherosclerosis. We are particularly interested in how cytotoxic CD8+ T cells contribute to autoimmunity and disease pathology.

We’re always looking for good people. If you’re interested a joining a dynamic and fun team, please contact us!

The Tyrrell lab is Green Lab Certified at the silver level.  This nationally-recognized certification demonstrates that our lab has significantly reduced energy, water, waste, and hazardous chemical use, leading to a safer, more sustainable work environment.  We conserve, share, and reuse resources whenever possible and we are mindful of the impact of our work.  Our lab operates as efficiently as possible, and we work closely with the Office of Sustainability, EH&S, and Facilities Management to ensure that it continues to do so into the future.  

As a silver-certified lab, we promote stewardship of taxpayer support and reduce the environmental impacts of NIH-supported research projects.