Our overarching mission entails contributing to the fulfillment of the overarching missions of these entities. More specifically, our mission is to advance knowledge in the field of statistical genetics and in the biological, biomedical, and behavioral sciences through applications of statistical genetic methodology. We aim to achieve these ends by:

  1. implementing a high caliber teaching program in statistical genetic for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and others;
  2. conducting original research to develop and evaluate statistical genetic methodologies;
  3. conducting original biomedical and biological research using statistical methodology;
  4. collaborating with investigators on biomedical research that requires statistical genetic support.

To fulfill this mission, we have carefully developed a cadre of investigators at the faculty, postdoctoral fellow, and graduate student levels that collectively have expertise in multiple areas, including, but not limited to sequence, pathway, admixture, CNV, epigenetic, gene expression and other analyses, experimental crosses, theoretical/mathematical statistical genetics, and genome wide association studies.