Research Focus

We are a highly motivated group of scientists doing translational neuropharmacology research. Our lab is interested in receptor neuropharmacology and synaptic signaling of neurotransmitters and hormones under normal and disease conditions. We implement a variety of approaches including genetic, cell biological, biochemical, single-cell transcriptomic, proteomic, pharmacological and behavioral approaches. We utilize mouse models, human postmortem tissues and human iPSC-derived brain cells.  Our ultimate goal is to discover cures for neuropsychiatric disorders.

The projects we are currently working on are:

1. Molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying Alzheimer’s disease (AD) pathogenesis

Some of our focus are:

a) noradrenergic dysfunction and adrenergic signaling in AD;

b) regulation of endosomal trafficking and its involvement in AD pathogenesis;

c) astrocyte reactivity in AD;

d) tumors and related therapies as risk factors for AD.

2. Cognition and complex behaviors

a) synaptic signaling in autism;

b) epigenetic regulation of anxiety and

c) a novel mouse model for ADHD.

3. Selective targeting of GPCRs

a) neural-specific enhancement of adenosine receptor for neuroprotection;

b) signaling-specific targeting of adrenergic receptor for AD.