Policy Education and
Research Fellowship


Launching in 2024, the Policy Education and Research Fellowship is a opportunity open to undergraduate, graduate, or professional students interested in deepening their understanding and practice of engaging in health policy initiatives at the state and local levels. This fellowship aims to provide in-depth, experiential learning opportunities regarding the policymaking progress, including the legal rights of civic engagement, policy analysis, and mechanisms for getting involved.



Interested students should attend an in-person (preferred) or virtual interest session lasting approximately one hour that will detail the expectations for the Request for Proposal (RFP), starting in November 2023. A recording of the information session can be found here. Applications will be open until December 22nd at 11:59PM, available here


Fellowship recipients will attend three (3) small-scale workshops where students will develop a comprehensive stakeholder map, legislative analysis, and policy brief related to their health topic of choice.


Following the trainings, students will implement their policy action plan as constituents. For students interested in engaging in state-level policy, travel should be completed during the legislative session beginning on February 6, 2024. For students interested in municipal policy, travel should be completed by May 1, 2024.


After completion, recipients are required to complete a Policy Watch-style analysis regarding their topic, their involvement as a part of the fellowship, and a plan of action moving forward including how others can get involved.



Who can apply: Any student currently enrolled at UAB with at least one semester remaining prior to graduation. 

Application Materials: Students will submit a 1-page proposal containing the following information: 

  • The topic of interest with specific legislation impacting this area, proposed, pending, or passed. 
  • Background on the topic, including relevant stakeholders in the policymaking and advocacy process. 
  • A plan of action for how to address the topic during a visit to policymakers.
  • A budget request, including an itemized breakdown of anticipated funds, not to exceed $1,500.

Questions and concerns may be directed to Kimberly Randall, LHC Program Manager, ker2@uab.edu


  • November 2023: Students should attend an interest session detailing the application process. A recording can be found here for reference.  
  • December 2023: One-page proposals are due via e-mail by 11:59 PM on December 22, 2023. No late submissions will be accepted. Submit your application here! 
  • January 2024: Selected recipients will be informed of their acceptance by the first day of the Spring semester, and workshops will begin.
  • February 2024: Fellowship recipients will receive a travel scholarship for accommodations, printing materials, travel, and miscellaneous expenses.
  • March-May 2024: Students will implement their policy engagement plans with various offices and agencies.
  • June 2024: Following the implementation, students will complete a write up for publication detailing their experience and follow up actions.


  • Do I have to be a public health student? No, we welcome students from anywhere on campus. However, the subject of your application should have public health or healthcare implications.
  • What is an example of an applicable topic? Public health and healthcare are broad fields. Potential topics include scope of practice legislation, social determinants of health, and built environment issues.
  • Do I have to engage with policy makers? This fellowship is designed to prepare students for civic engagement interactions as a constituent, potentially including interactions with policy makers.
  • Can I work with other students? Yes! We welcome applicants to work in teams of up to four people. Be sure to account for the total number in your party in your budget breakdowns. All students must complete all requirements of the fellowship.