What We Do


In pursuit of its mission, the Lister Hill Center offers several programs for all our stakeholders. Health Policy Ambassadors and the Policy Education and Research Fellowship empower students to learn more about policy engagement through experiential learning. These programs also have a strong community engagement component. As projects allow, we invite students for internships with the Center as well. We also support travel scholarships for students to attend conferences focused on the intersection of policy and population health.

Open to all, our seminars and events spur discussion on policy topics related to public health. We invite scholarly experts as well as those with lived experience to shed light on these topics and inform action.

Our publication Policy Watch features commentary, reference guides, and reports on policy issues and their impacts on population health. The audience for Policy Watch is broad, but we primarily focus on policymakers and their constituents. Some articles have even been referenced in legislative proceedings!

We are always open to developing new initiatives or improving existing programs.

Contact us if you have an idea for a project that the LHC should take on and/or support!