Our lab is lucky to have access to excellent resources.  Some are listed here.

Visual Brain Core’s mission is to help produce high quality, cutting edge research examining the visual brain.
We have regular, easy access to a  3T Siemens Prisma MRI system located at the Civitan International Neuroimaging Lab (CINL) in UAB Highlands Hospital. Through our collaborations with the Alabama Advanced Imaging Consortium, we also have access to Auburn’s Siemens MAGNETOM 7T magnet. We have access to a 64-channel EEG system. 

We collaborate with the UAB Center for Low vision Rehabilitation which uses optometry and occupational therapy to help adults and children who have difficulty completing daily activities due to vision impairments. 

The Comprehensive Neuroscience Center
 is a network of 450 UAB neuroscience research faculty, clinician, staff, students and trainees that promotes and supports interdisciplinary neuroscience research, clinical care, and education at UAB.

We are part of the UAB Neurobiology department.  We’re housed in the Civitan International Research Center and part of the McKnight Brain Foundation, which has the long term goal of translating discoveries from basic biomedical research into processes and products to minimize the deleterious effects of aging on learning and memory in humans.

UAB research computing resources and services that are used for data storage and analysis.