As part of the Human Connectome Project, Connectomes in Human Diseases, our lab is focused on understanding how the brain’s connections and anatomy are altered by changes in the use of vision.

More information about the “Macular Degeneration and Plasticity” project, part of the Connectomes in Human Diseases Project is here:

Data from this project will be made available as part of the Human Connectome Project’s Connectome Coordination Facility. To be notified as soon as this carefully curated dataset is publicly available, please click here.

Below is a partial list of publications that have come from this dataset, followed by a poster describing the dataset from SfN 2023:

Defenderfer, M. K., Demirayak, P., Fleming, L. L., DeCarlo, D. K., Stewart, P., & Visscher, K. M. (2023). Cortical plasticity in central vision loss: Cortical thickness and neurite structure. Human Brain Mapping.

Defenderfer, M., Demirayak, P., and Visscher, K.M. (2021). A method for mapping retinal images in early visual cortical areas. Neuroimage 245, 118737.

Fleming, L. L., Defenderfer, M., Demirayak, P., Stewart, P., DeCarlo, D. K., & Visscher, K. M. (2023). Impact of deprivation and preferential usage on functional connectivity between early visual cortex and category selective visual regions.