Research Interests

Our laboratory focuses on the epigenetic regulations (e.g., RNA editing and histone modifications) in vascular smooth muscle cells and endothelial cells under shear stress, aging, or other cardiovascular risk factors. Combined with in silico predictions, big data analyses, in vitro and in vivo validation, and translational approach, our work seeks new therapeutic approaches on various cardiovascular diseases.

Mission Statement

Our research interest is to synergize basic mechanistic research and clinical evidence to elucidate epigenomic and epitranscriptomic regulations in vascular cells, including the identifications of new pathophysiological mechanisms and therapeutic targets for human cardiovascular diseases.

One thought on “Home”

  1. My name is Bao Yen Tran, a student in the Master in Biotechnology Program. I graduated Biotechnology Bachelor in Vietnam in 2021 and then I came here to continue to study Master of Biotechnology degree.

    I am sending you this email for an opportunity to learn and research in your lab. I’m so interested in with your research gene expression and effect it in cancer and genetic diseases for modification transcription during mammalian development. Moreover, I want to gain more chance to practice techniques in your lab and study more about therapeutic targets for human cardiovascular diseases.
    Regarding my skill, I have been had experiences in cell biology lab in university at my country for 3 years and 3 months for internship in a hospital of obstetrics and gynecology in Vietnam as biotechnology technician. I also have activation cells development skills as stem cell of mouse culture, in-vitro pathenogenesis and in vivo fertelization, and differentiation cells from 1 cell to 8 cell and morula of mouse embryo. Moreover, I’ve already had experience for using fume hood, pipet, and techniques in lab as manipulator, microscope, DAPI stanning, antibody stanning, western blot, SDS-page, PCR. I’ve already had experience for 5 years in biotechnology field especially, the most 3 recent years for cells technique.
    I hope you will give me a chance to interview with you and becoming a part of your lab to not only enhance myself but also my career. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time

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