Welcome to the De Miguel Lab!

The De Miguel Lab is focused on understanding how immune cells and inflammatory mediators impact renal function and end-organ damage during hypertension and diabetes. We use state of the art molecular and cellular biology assays, genomics, proteomics, imaging techniques, and novel rat and mouse models to address clinically relevant questions in cardiovascular biology and renal physiology.

Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

The De Miguel Lab is committed to fostering an inclusive, diverse and safe work environment. We encourage an environment of collaboration, open and honest communication and respect for different opinions. Our lab members are empowered to share their views, ideas and experiences respectfully and freely.  We aim to celebrate our differences and to use them to better our science.

Contact us

Dr. Carmen De Miguel


MCLM 510 | 1918 University Blvd | Birmingham, AL 35233

(205) 934-2430