A crucial part of the C-PAM mission is ensuring that all generated models are available to the broader research community. The Resource and Service Section (RSS) oversees this process by:

  • Acquiring and documenting mutant animal model strains and biomaterials from the Disease Modeling Unit. This will include rodents (mice and rats), zebrafish, and C. elegans. 
  • Characterizing, expanding, and distributing resources created by the UAB C-PAM. 
  • Providing access to unique C-PAM quality-controlled services developed by the Center on a fee-for-service basis. This will also include a component of outreach and will provide expert consultation services to help investigators design the most effective functional assays and therapeutic testing strategies.

RSS Team

Deeann Wallis, PhD

RSS Core Lead

Laura Lambert, PhD

RSS Core Co-Lead

John Parant, PhD

Matthew Alexander, PhD

CJ Haycraft, PhD

Craig Powell, MD, PhD

Jeremy Foote, PhD, DVM