Jenna Gearhart

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Brian DavisMorehouse College

Davis, Brian*; Zhou, Lufang; Ernst, Patrick,  BMES 2018 Atlanta, GA, October 17-20, 2018, Cardiac Magnetogenetics: Noninvasive Control of the Heart”



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Jenna Gearhart

J. Gearhart* (poster), A. Alford, N. Gupta, E. Kharlampieva, 2018 Summer UAB Undergraduate Research EXPO, “Encapsulation and Controlled Release of G-quadruplex DNA through PMAA/PVPON Microcapsules”, J. Gearhart* (poster), A. Alford, N. Gupta, E. Kharlampieva, 07/26/18 (The First Place in the Physical Science Category in the REU-2018 Oral/Poster Presentation Competition).