Summer Research Experience for Teachers

nophoto Annette Daugherty
Tarrant High School
Birmingham, AL
Shani Forbes
Riverchase Middle School
Birmingham, AL
Shatomi Kerbawy Shatomi Kerbawy
Holy Family High School
Birmingham, AL
Martina Norton

Summer Research Experience for Undergraduate Students

Jeremy Branning Jeremy Branning
Bob Jones University
Project Title: Temperature Diagnostics and Spectroscopic Characterization of
Designer Diamond Anvils
Kailash Bohra Kailash Bohra
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Project Title: Wall Shear Stress
from Venous Needle Flow During
Nathan Campbell Nathan Campbell
Austin Peay State University
Project Title: Nanostructured diamond films for biomedical implants
Christopher Dees Christopher Dees
University of Montevallo
Project Title: Structural Implications of 6s
and 5d Transition in Lutetium Under
High Pressure
Brad Eaton Brad Eaton
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Project Title: Controlling Crystalline Structure of Calcium Phosphate Nanoparticles Using Aerosol Science
Nathaniel Greenstein Nathaniel Greenstein
Carnegie Mellon University
Project Title: Morphological Changes of Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles During the Exposure in Aqueous Solutions at Elevated Temperatures
Patrice Johnson Patrice Johnson
Oakwood College
Project Title: Wear Testing of UHMWPE against Nanostructured Diamond Coatings & CoCr: Do Constant Loading Profiles Result in Lubricant “Starvation?”
Brian Lassiter Brian Lassiter
University of Idaho
Project Title: Effects of heat treatments on defects in strontium titanate substrates for
magnetoelectric multiferroics
Noah Lipham Noah Lipham
University of West Georgia
Project Title: Synthesis and
Characterization of Sr-doped
Lanthanum Manganite Nanoparticles
Alan Martinez Alan Martinez
University of West Georgia
Project Title: Fe:ZnSe passive Qswitching
of 2800 nm Er:Cr:YSGG laser cavity
Jarrett Morris Jarrett Morris
Alabama A & M University
Project Title: Electrospun Scaffolds
of PLGA/Collagen Blends for Bone
Tissue Engineering
Neel Srikishen Neel Srikishen
Rice University
Project Title: Novel Electrospun Triphasic Bone Tissue Scaffold
Joseph Thompson Joseph Thompson
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Project Title: Electron-Phonon Coupling in the α- and ε- Phases of Solid Oxygen
Laura Wilson Laura Wilson
Alabama A & M University
Project Title: Fiber-Optic Bio-Sensors for
Detection of Proteins