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Bias in Medicine

Individuals Will Develop Skills to Respond to Biased Behaviors Related to:


Race and Ethnicity

Religious Affiliation

Sexual Orientation

Sex & Gender Identity

Our Goals

We aim to create an interactive trainee & faculty development curriculum that achieves the following:

Increase awareness of encounters that illustrate conscious and unconscious bias

Define the messaging & impact of biased behaviors, with emphasis on microaggressions

Introduce a framework for how to respond and debrief during and after such encounters

Funded By

Funded by the UAB Health Services Foundation General Endowment Fund at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Supported by the UAB Department of Medicine, Tinsley Harrison Internal Medicine Residency Program, and the Center for Interprofessional Education and Simulation at the Heersink School of Medicine.

UAB Health Services Foundation

Heersink School of Medicine

UAB Tinsley Harrison Internal
Medicine Residency Program

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