UAB Animal Resource Program (ARP)

Director: Samuel Cartner, DVM, PhD

Service: animal housing and care

UAB Cardio-Renal Physiology and Medicine (CPM)

Director: David Pollock, PhD

Service: telemetry of rodents (Data Sciences PA-C10)

UAB Comparative Pathology Laboratory (CRP)

Director: Jeremy Foote, PhD

Service: serologic analysis of rodents

UAB Genomics Core Lab

Director: Mike Crowley, PhD

Service: next generation sequencing (NextSeq500; MiSeq desktop sequencer), bioinformatics

UAB High Resolution Imaging Facility (HRIF)

Director: Alexa Mattheyses, PhD

Service: confocal immunofluorescence microscopy (Nikon A1), intra-vital microscopy and small animal imaging (Nikon A1R multiphoton), super resolution microscopy (Nikon STORM)

UAB Mass Spectrometry/Proteomics Shared Facility (MSP-SF)

Director: James Mobley, PhD

Service: MALDI-TOF-MS, high-resolution LC-ESI-MS/MS, bioinformatics

UAB Mouse Cardiovascular Core

Director: Min Xie, MD, PhD

Service: echocardiography of mice (Visual Sonics Vevo 3100 high-resolution ultrasound)

UAB Pathology Core Research Lab

Director: Gene Siegal, MD, PhD

Service: rodent tissue processing, sectioning and staining

UAB Transgenic & Genetically Engineered Models Core (TGEM)

Director: Bob Kesterson, PhD

Service: generation of transgenic mouse models, CRISPR/Cas9 model design and creation

UAB Neuroscience Core – Behavioral Assessment

Director: Craig Powell, PhD

Service: Mouse grip strength analysis

UAB-UCSD O’Brien Core Center for Acute Kidney Injury Research

Pre-Clinical Studies Core

Director: Paul Sanders, MD; James George, PhD

Service: small animal surgeries, flow cytometry (BD Biosciences LSR II)

Bioanalytical Core

Director: Stephen Barnes, PhD

Service: analysis of serum creatinine levels by LC-MS/MS

Biostatistics Core

Director: Gary Cutter, PhD Service: statistical analyses of animal studies

Small Animal Imaging Shared Facility

Director: Anna Sorace, PhD

Service: MRI analysis of mice