Current Funding – Christian Faul, PhD

NIH/NIDDK – R01 DK125459

Role: PI

Period: 07/01/2020 – 04/30/2024

Direct costs per year: $374,870

Title: Hyperphosphatemia contributes to systemic inflammation and anemia in chronic kidney disease

Goals: To determine the direct effects of phosphate and FGF23 on hepatocytes and whether the blockade of these newly identified actions protects mouse models of CKD from anemia and increases muscle strength.

NIH/NHLBI – R01HL145528

Role: MPI with Dr. Kenneth White

Period: 02/01/2019 – 01/31/2023

Direct costs per year: $474,468

Title: Changes in phosphate metabolism cause pathologic cardiac remodeling in chronic kidney disease (CKD)

Goals: To analyze the crosstalk between FGF23/FGFR4, Klotho and Vitamin D signaling in the regulation of cardiac remodeling in CKD using cell culture and transgenic mouse models.

NIH/NIDDK – R25 DK115353 – Director: Dr. Jennifer Pollock

Role: Associate Program Director

Period: 09/21/2018 – 07/31/2023

Direct costs per year: $100,000

Title: Kidney Undergraduate Research Experience (KURE)

Goals: To engage undergraduate students with an interest in biomedical sciences from throughout the US in kidney-related research. Over the course of the 10 week program, the students are matched with an experienced mentor at UAB, join his/her laboratory to conduct basic research experiments and attend various seminars and workshops.

Current Funding – Members of Dr. Faul’s Group

NIH/NIDCR – T90 DART – Predoctoral Fellowship  

PI: Kylie Heitman

Dr. Faul’s role: Sponsor and the thesis mentor of the PhD student at UAB

Period: 07/01/2020 – 06/30/2023

Direct costs per year: $30,000

Title: Elevated FGF23 contributes to skeletal muscle wasting in the context of chronic kidney disease

Goals: To study bone and skeletal muscle biology. The student will determine whether FGF23 can directly target skeletal muscle cells and thereby contribute to CKD-associated muscle atrophy and wasting, using primary cell culture and animal models.

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