December 2023Happy Holidays!!! Food and fun! Its nice to have collaborators that take their polenta preparation VERY seriously!

September 2023 – Random games in the Surgery department; Carter/Gallivant group takes first place!!!

August 2023 – Surgery department research group – Kayaking the Coosa

Madisen Murphy, Camila Gonzalez-Arancibia, Angela Carter, Daniele Zanella, Friend 1, Friend 2 and Anna Marie Buchanan, Yanqi Zhu

May 2023 – Congratulations Anna Marie and Ryan!!!

Sam Mabry, Daniele Zanella, Angela Carter, the beautiful bride Anna Marie, Yanqi Zhu, and Camila Gonzalez-Arancibia

February 2023 – The Annual Bland Dinner hosted by the Department of Surgery. It’s not every day we get so fancy!

Drs. Ben Rin, Aurelio Galli, and Angela Carter