1. NIH 1R21 DA059844-01 “Microbial Biofilms as Regulators of Amphetamine Use Disorders”

03/15/2024-02/27/2026; Multi-PI *Carter/Velu

2. American Cancer Society DBG-23-1152118-01-ET “A Novel Class of Microbial-based Cancer Therapy”

01/01/2024-12/31/25; Role – PI

3. NIH 1R01 DA056484-01A1 “The Role of Microbiome Composition in Amphetamine Abuse”

08/14/2023-05/31/2028; Multi-PI *Galli/Carter

4. UAB Microbiome Center Core Services Award

8/01/2023-07/31/2024; Role – PI


4. NIH 3R01 DA038058-07A1S1 Diversity Supplement “Microbial Regulation of Psychostimulant Abuse”

06/01/2021-05/31/2023; Role – Candidate

3. UAB CAPPI Pilot Award “Microbial Regulation of Psychostimulant Abuse”

09/01/2021-08/31/2022; Role – PI

2. Sackler Foundation Research Award “Diagnostic-Coupled Targeted Drug Therapy for Neuroendocrine Cancers”

10/15/2018-10/15/2019; MPI-Carter/Bibb

1. American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellowship ”Identification of Therapeutic Targets for Neuroendocrine Cancer”

09/01/2015-08/31/2018; Role – PI