Our lab provides training opportunities for CH460 and CH461 undergraduates who are interested in computer programming, molecular cloning, protein/RNA purification, fluorescence anisotropy, NMR and protein crystallization. The training program gives a high priority to underrepresented groups in scientific research. Please contact Dr. Zhang if you are interested.

2022 Summer

7/29/2022 Shariq Jamal presented his research in 2022 CORD Summer Science Programs, and he was recognized a first-place winner. Congratulations to Shariq (middle) and his student mentor Trent Paul (right).

2021 Summer

7/30/2021 Yemesi Thompson and Chinonye Mbanugo presented their work at UAB CORD Summer Science Program.

7/26/2021 Our former trainee Kenneth Davis gave an Expo Keynote Speech. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tr8HDki1Jck

7/28/2021 Erin King gave an oral presentation on UAB Expo.

2019 Spring

Our CH460 students Ting, Heather, Taylor, and their student mentor Talia, worked together to develop a new method to extend applicability of PAG as an alignment media for NMR residual dipolar coupling experiments. They presented their work at UAB EXPO.

2018 Fall

Kenneth Davis, a CH460 student of 2018 Fall, developed a FRET-based method (Fluorescence intensity ratio between Tyrosine and Tryptophan, FirbY-W ) to monitor protein size changes. He presented his work at 2019 NCUR and 2019 WCUR in Germany.