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Stroke Recovery & Stroke Research in Birmingham, AL

Work on Your Memory, Decision Making, and Thinking

At the University of Alabama at Birmingham, we’re testing leading-edge cognitive training with the purpose of improving people’s independence. Now, as part of an ongoing study, adults 40 years or older who experienced a stroke within the last three months or more may be eligible for paid brain training, coaching, & a nutritional lifestyle program targeting memory & overall wellness. Contact us today to determine participant eligibility.

Combatting the Most Common Stroke Symptoms

After a stroke, confusion, slow thinking, & difficulty with word finding can become chronic issues. At UAB, we’re testing the ability of brain training to open new pathways in the brain & improve recovery. Participants can make $20 to $30 per program session.

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Paid Stroke Recovery

Stroke Recovery Study FAQs

What does the study involve?

This study involves several two-to-three hour sessions per week over the course of a month. Testing of thinking abilities and everyday function will take place before and after.

The first training program involves proven brain training games & coaching for everyday activities. The second program relies on a proven brain training game & healthy lifestyle coaching. Participants will need to travel to Birmingham, AL for these sessions.

How much does this stroke recovery program cost?

There is no cost to participants for taking part in this study. Instead, participants are paid $20 to $30 per program session (or $10 per hour). Participants can earn over $500 if all the treatments and testing sessions are completed. In-person visits range from 2-4 hours.

Get paid to work on your stroke recovery

Once initial testing has been completed, the training program will start. It will involve the participant as well as somebody they live with.

The participant will come into the laboratory and work on different cognitive tasks as well as engage in the other activities appropriate for their training program. They will also be given homework to do after they leave the laboratory. These tasks may be simple activities that they may no longer do.

Get Paid to Recover Better After a Stroke

Stroke recovery can be a long, difficult process. But with UAB’s stroke recovery study, participants can get a leg up on their cognitive challenges for a more satisfying & functional daily life. Learn more about eligibility, compensation, & training details by reaching out to UAB today.

Know Someone with Cognitive Problems Due to Stroke?

UAB is paying study participants to work on their cognitive recovery. Learn about eligibility today!

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