Welcome to Signcryption (ISO 29150)

Signcryption, an international standard for data protection (ISO/IEC 29150), was invented in 1996. Details of the newly discovered public key cryptographic technology were first disclosed to the public at the CRYPTO’97 conference held in Santa Barbara. Since then, I have witnessed a steadily increasing amount of interest in the technology from both researchers and practitioners alike. Each year, extensions, refinements and adaptations of the original techniques are being published at a number of workshops and conferences; advanced degrees are being conferred to graduate students who have chosen signcryption as their research foci; new applications are being developed to take advantage of benefits afforded by signcryption.

To better serve the community of researchers and practitioners who are interested in the technology, I have established this web portal for all information related to signcryption technology. I hope that you find this portal useful.

Your feedback on the web site is important for its accuracy, completeness and relevance. I welcome your comments and suggestions.

Thank you,

Yuliang Zheng
Inventor of Signcryption