Project Approach and Timeline

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Phase 1: Define the Future

Phase 1: Define the Future promotes a collective understanding and approach on the overall engagement.

Phase 1 includes an extensive data collection process and gathering insights from stakeholders across the university.

Data Collection

We’ve gathered a wide range of data elements from School, Department and Division on campus to facilitate this comprehensive review process.  Examples of data elements include but not limited to the following:

Governance and Infrastructure

  • Organizational structure
  • Faculty compensation plans and performance measures
  • Annual space survey or space related reports
  • Policies and practices for other research support activities
  • Research space management policies

Sponsored Research and Clinical Trials

  • Research portfolio size and composition (by department, investigator, and sponsor type)
  • Grants and other sponsored research
  • Clinical trials
  • Policies, procedures, training, and onboarding materials
  • Research accounting and regulatory compliance controls
  • Data governance, technology systems, network configurations, etc. that support the research mission of UAB.
  • Prior research strategic plans

UAB Stakeholder’s Input

In order to gather diverse feedback and perspectives from a broad range of stakeholders on the existing UAB research programs, the challenges faced, and the potential areas for growth and development, we implemented a survey and conducted stakeholder interviews.

  • Survey (Closed): Faculty and staff members involved in research participated in a brief survey to gain insights on research strategic priorities and research infrastructure. We received 570 responses from our stakeholders whose feedback and insights will be vital in developing our research strategic plan.
  • Stakeholders Interview: Huron and Urban Impact Advisors conducted 120+ interviews with key research players on campus and collected invaluable input, which will be critical to our overall success in this ambitious endeavor.

Phase 2: Develop the Path Forward

Phase 2: Develop the Path Forward focuses on extramural research growth and design thinking to realize our goal.  The Research Design Working Group (RDWG) will come together in a series of working sessions to collaborate on research vision and mission, benchmarking, defining research areas of focus, determining incremental investment requirements and implementation and change management planning, prioritization, and staging.

The President, as an Executive Sponsor, is the chair of RDWG, including a representative mix of UAB’s research leaders, deans, center directors, and research administration oversight (Office of Sponsored Programs, IRB, IACUC, Research Development, and the Information Technology, or leadership proxy responsible for research applications, network, information security, and data governance).

RDWG Phase 1 In-Person Meetings:

  • Kickoff meeting to initiate the project.
  • Readout of an interim report at the end of the first phase of project work

RDWG Phase 2 In-Person Meetings:

  • Missioning and visioning session to articulate the future of research at UAB.
  • Discussion of possible service-oriented architectures to determine the attractiveness and feasibility of potential options.
  • Working sessions centered on reviewing and providing input on potential strategic goals and opportunity areas.
  • Review of an investment model and implementation plan, and
  • Final readout of the strategic plan to review recommendations and establish the next steps for implementation.

RDWG Members

Watts, Ray L.

Agarwal, Anupam
Sr. VP for Medicine & Dean, Heersink School of Medicine

Bakken, Jim
Chief Communication Officer

Benoit, Pam
Sr. VP for Academic Affairs & Provost

Brannan, Tom
VP for Advancement & Strategic Initiatives

Brown, Chris
VP for Research

Bulgarella, Dawn
CEO, UAB Health System & UAB/Ascension St. Vincent’s Alliance

Burnett, Brian
Sr. VP, Finance & Administration

Burnett, Brian
Sr. VP, Finance & Administration

Carpenter, Josh
CEO, Southern Research

Carver, Curt
VP Information Technology & CIO

W. John Daniel
Chief University Counsel

Erwin, Paul
Dean, School of Public Health

Holmes, Jeff
Dean, School of Engineering

Shirey, Maria
Dean, School of Nursing

Sleckman, Barry
Director of O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center

Thomas, Kecia
Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Project Timeline

Project Timeline

July 5 - August 18
Data Collection and Faculty and Staff Survey

August 9
Project Kick-Off

August 9-17
Stakeholders Interviews

September 14
Interim Readout

October 6
Mission and Visioning

October 18
Identifying Strategic Opportunity

November 10
Goals, Initiatives & Enablers

November 17
Investments & Implementation Plan

December 11
Final Readout

Spring 2024
Stakeholders Communication and Engagement

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