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An alumni society for everyone.
From Here On IN.

The Basics

What’s Changed?

From Here On IN, every graduate of UAB past, present and future will automatically be enrolled as members of the UAB National Alumni Society. Dues and sign-ups are out; you’re IN.

Why the Change?

The NAS belongs to all of us. When you earned your degree, you earned a voice in UAB’s future. Our new membership model reflects our alma mater’s ideals of inclusivity, diversity and accessibility.

All Blazer’s Benefit

Every graduate is now entitled to the wealth of services, resources and benefits of membership in the NAS—as it should be.

Are you in?
Tim Alexander's photo

Tim Alexander is IN.
Are you?

Use our “I’m IN” Facebook frame or post your picture on social media with the hashtag #FromHereOnIN to let everyone know you’re IN.

Learn More About The Program
You Belong–From Here on IN

NAS Members

No more dues. All the benefits you’ve come to expect. Our Board of Directors has unanimously voted to change our current membership system and end the financial commitments formerly required for membership. Starting now, we represent you and your 150,000 fellow alumni at no cost to you. There’s no need to sign up or resubmit anything on your part.

Alumni New to
the NAS

Welcome to the National Alumni Society. The NAS is leaving behind the dues and sign-up process formerly required of all members. Now, no matter your school, your degree, or when you graduated, you’re immediately entitled to all the rights and privileges of membership in the National Alumni Society.

Current Students &
Prospective Graduates

Once you’re out, you’re in, period. For the first time ever, the UAB National Alumni Society has opened membership to every single graduate with no sign-ups, dues or fees. When you finish your time at UAB, you’ll be considered a full, active member of the Society.