Lee group members

Principal Investigator

Hui-Ting Lee
I am a biophysical chemist who combines single-molecule techniques with traditional physical chemistry and biochemistry to study nucleic acid structure, DNA damage, and gene regulation.  

  • Affiliate Instructor of Chemistry, Loyola University Maryland 2018-2019
  • Postdoctoral Research in Biophysics, Johns Hopkins University 2019
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Nebraska Medical Center 2010
  • Bachelor of Science in Life Science, National Dong Hwa University 2003


Bok-Eum Choi
I joined the Lee Lab in 2020 as a Postdoctoral Fellow. I study the structural dynamics of T-loops and TERRA in telomeres at single-molecule level.

  • Post Doc. Washington DC VA Medical Center-Institute for Clinical Research (2018-2019)
  • Ph.D. Georgetown University, Washington DC (2018). Thesis: Mechanistic Insights of Reactions Catalyzed by OMPB Lysine Methyltransferases. Advisor: David C.H. Yang, Ph.D.
  • B.S. Towson University, Towson MD (2011). Thesis: Effect of base substitutions on the conformation of M. tuberculosis rRNA hairpins. Advisor: Ana-Maria Soto, Ph.D


Arianna Lacen
I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Alabama in 2019. I started here at UAB in the Fall of 2019 and joined the Lee Lab in 2020. In this lab, I investigate the effect of salt concentration on various constructs of G-quadruplexes to probe whether they will unfold under those conditions. I use Total Internal Reflectance Fluorescence (TIRF) to measure the amount of Forster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) between two dyes on the DNA I use. Going forward, I’d like to work on improving surface passivation and moving from monovalent to possibly divalent cations.