Heersink School of Medicine Health Equity Research Area
The Heersink School of Medicine prioritizing and investing in Health Equity as a scientific research focus area is foundational towards overcoming deep-seated inequities, including those fueled by racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and those grounded in rurality and poverty. We must move beyond describing disparities towards understanding their underlying drivers and determinants and implementing multi-level interventions that overcome longstanding health inequities.

Minority Health and Health Equity Research Center
The UAB Minority Health & Health Equity Research Center works toward health equity by translating science into better health for all. Through engaging Education/Training Programs, we develop the next generation of scientists. Our highly successful Community Engagement Program centers our work in equitable and trusting academic-community partnerships. With our Research Program, we support innovative science to develop evidence-based approaches that make good health simple. 


Center for AIDS Research
The UAB CFAR catalyzes new and nurtures ongoing HIV research and researchers. Events sponsored by our new working group will spur innovation exchange between low- and high-resourced settings to address shared challenges in HIV.


Department of Neurosurgery
Pioneering and expanding patient-centered neurosurgical care through expertise, education, and innovation.


Comprehensive Diabetes Center

Department of Emergency Medicine

Civitan International Research Center

Center for Clinical and Translational Science


Integrative Center for Aging Research

Department of Pediatrics