Employing Neuroimaging for Diagnosing Dementia (EN4D2) Lab

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Employing Neuroimaging for Diagnosing Dementia (EN4D2) laboratory is housed in the Department of Radiology at The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), and led by Virendra R. Mishra, Ph.D


The lab’s objective is to approach the identification of biomarkers predicting dementia or cognitive decline, caused by aging and head trauma, through a multimodality approach, utilizing clinical measures, genetics, demographic measures, biofluid measures, and MRI measures (T1-weighted, high spatial and angular resolution diffusion MRI, high temporal resolution resting-state functional MRI, and cerebral blood flow measures through pseudo-continuous arterial spin labeling MRI).

The lab’s efforts are dedicated to developing and applying novel computational tools using machine learning and artificial intelligence for biomarker identification and developing reproducible MRI protocols that are insensitive to the manufacturer, scanner type, and protocols used for routine clinical research.