e-BioTech Research Lab

The electronics Biomedical Technology Research Laboratory (e-BioTech Lab) was established by Dr. Mirbozorgi in 2018 by equipping an allocated space in ECE Department at the UAB with all electrical/electronic test and measurement devices, tools, and equipment.

The e-BioTech Lab aims to strengthen the bridge between science and technology and address the need for developing advanced biomedical technologies and systems, focusing on designing and developing Wearable Devices, Implantable Devices, Imaging Devices, Assistive/Diagnosing/Therapeutic Technologies, etc.


  1. Precision Ablation for Brain Tumors
  2. Diabetes Reversal Wireless Implants
  3. The Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies® (BRAIN) Initiative
    • Brain Machine Interfaces, BMI
    • Neural recording and neuromodulation/stimulation, wearables and implants, targeting mental disorders and disabilities
    • Consciousness level evaluation via peripheral stimulation
  4. Focused Ultrasound, Ultrasound Technologies for Imaging, Tissue/Organ Repositioning, and Therapeutic Devices
  5. Wireless Technologies
    • Short-range wireless power and data transmissions
    • Ultra-Wideband, UWB, antennas and sensors’ circuits and systems
  6. Wearable Technologies for Human Computing Interaction and Cancer Treatments
  7. Wireless Passive Sensors for Biomedical Applications
  8. Integrated Analog/Mixed-Signal Circuits and Microsystems
  9. Edge Computing and Machine Learning, IoT and IoMT


If you are interested in this exciting and challenging field at the forefront of technology, you can contact the director of e-BioTech Lab, Dr. Mirbozorgi (samir@uab.edu), by sending him your CV with a brief statement of interest and get updates for openings. The e-BioTech Lab looks for prospective undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in cutting-edge research. Highly motivated, talented, and creative Ph.D./MSc position candidates are encouraged to join the e-BioTech Research Lab, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, AL, USA.