It’s critical that K-12 schools implement safety measures to keep schools open and to keep communities healthy and safe from COVID-19. For the second year, the UAB School of Public Health is collaborating with the Alabama Department of Public Health and the Alabama State Department of Education to offer weekly and voluntary asymptomatic COVID-19 testing on-site at Alabama’s K-12 schools to students, faculty, and staff. In addition to weekly COVID-19 testing, our program is offering additional services to help safely continue in-person learning. Schools and districts may choose to participate in any or all program options. Consent is required to participate in our program, and individuals may join or leave the program at any time.

Launch mitigation services to combat COVID-19 at your school.

Hear from our participants:

“It’s a great program, and it’s really helpful because a lot of our kids in this community can’t get to the proper testing sites, so this program makes it much easier to test these kids here. It’s really a help to our community and to the parents.

“We’ve had a first-class experience. From our first Zoom meeting to understand the program, to UAB’s in-person visit to explain the program to us, to the time that a Luxor representative came and handed out flyers, everything’s been first class. If we needed something—for example, we needed more flyers at one point, and they delivered flyers to us just like that. It’s been a good experience. I wish everybody were that on-point and professional.”

“It really lifted a burden off of our school nurse and our school staff where we would not have to do the testing, because we really do not have the manpower to do it.”

It’s definitely been beneficial, not only to me and the school, but also as a parent and as a participant in the program. It was great for me to be able to know on a weekly basis what my (COVID-19) status was. That’s what a lot of the participant parents were saying as well. Every week, it was good to get the email and know, ‘hey, my child is okay,’ because people are going around family and participating in activities outside of school. It was just reassuring to know, ‘phew, okay, I’m okay.’ I feel okay going to visit grandparents or participating in soccer practice.