Free At-Home COVID-19 Test

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services is giving four free COVID-19 tests to every home.
Tests are completely free so order yours today to ensure you have them if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in receiving COVID-19 vaccines, testing, or treatment? Download the Q&A sheet to understand federal guidelines about receiving COVID-19 services.

Rules may vary between states, vaccine sites, and clinics and should be confirmed before receiving COVID-19 services.

Community Health Coaches

To help bring easy-to-understand COVID-19 resources to the community are our Community Health Coaches. And, to make things easier for them, we’ve compiled videos, additional readings, and fact sheets, all in one place.

Healthcare Professionals

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented burden on the healthcare system. New information related to treatments, prevention, and the virus itself is continuously emerging.

Alabama CEAL partner, Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy Office for Post Graduate Education, wants to provide an update on the current phase of the pandemic, with a particular focus on treatment and preventative options.

CEAL Toolkit on Children and Vaccines and update to Booster Toolkit

CEAL’s pediatric toolkit has six social media posts addressing why children should get vaccinated and vaccine safety, effectiveness, and side effects. The booster toolkit addresses the difference between primary and booster shots, who needs a booster, which vaccine is used for booster shots, and why and how often we need boosters. Check out both toolkits and share the posts with your communities!

CEAL Spotlight: Empowering Community Health Workers to Talk About COVID-19

The Chicagoland CEAL research team and Sinai Chicago train community health workers (CHWs) to deliver COVID-19 information and foster vaccine confidence in their communities. The first training provides basic information about COVID-19 and how to help community members explore their concerns. The second session furthers that training and helps participants expand their work in community health.