Experimental Biomechanics Core Lab

Musculoskeletal Mechanics Lab
(from left to right) Julie Calma, Administrative Assistant; Alan Eberhardt, Professor and Director; and students Kayla Uplinger; Rebecca White; Joe Moore; Karim Taherian; John Hoyle; Nick Nolan; and Ryan Dowd (not pictured)

The Mission of the Experimental Biomechanics Core (EBC) is to provide collaborating investigators with state-of-the-art equipment and trained personnel to facilitate mechanical testing and measurement of mechanical properties of biological and man-made materials, structures, and constructs.

Research Focus

Our research focuses on orthopedic and injury biomechanics, through experimental testing and finite element modeling, as well as tribology and materials testing. These research activities serve as important steps toward our long-term objective of optimal care for orthopedic patients and improved protection for occupants in motor vehicle side impacts. The EBC is also committed to training undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers as future biomedical engineers for careers in orthopedic and injury biomechanics. In addition to our primary research we also help with the School of Engineering’s Capstone Design Course activities.


Located in the Hoehn Engineering Building on UAB’s main campus, the lab includes 1,800 square feet of research space, as well as advanced facilities for specimen preparation, freezer storage, biomechanical testing, and computational modeling.


Biomedical engineering students currently working with Eberhardt in the EBC Lab include:

Graduate Students: Patrick Estep, John Hoyle, Ryan Doud

Undergraduates: Ashley Boggs, Joseph Moore