Pip, Ph.D.
Pip is the smartest long-haired Chihuahua in the world who got his Ph.D. degree somewhere in California in an ancient year. Erin believes that Pip knows everything from ancient Greek philosophy to modern medical sciences. His research interests focus on analyzing the fundamental elements of the dog’s spirit, the dog’s purposes and reincarnation. In his free time, he enjoys running in parks and barking at every single dog and squirrel he encounters.
Candy is the simplest-minded sweet Chihuahua born in California who worries about nothing. She has a special talent in jumping up high and catching anything dropped near her mouth. Her research interests focus on how to eat more and sleep more. In her free time, she practices catching house flies, tastes exotic human foods and enjoys taking naps under sunshine.    
Squirrel is the resident acrobat, mean girl and drama queen. Though she knocks down everything surrounding her, she does not let that stop her from practicing her art. She loves to spend her time rubbing against Inga’s leg and screaming. Her research interests focus on how to cuddle with Oliver without someone thinking she’s being sweet and mentioning it.  
Oliver (Chubs)
Oliver is the sweetest 24 lb longhaired cat to walk (lay on) this earth. He graduated Suma Cum Laude from Auburn University in 2019 for looking cute. His research interests focus on how to eat more food without anyone yelling at him and how to sleep without being disturbed.
Finnegan, Ph.D.
Finn is an adventure dog who received his Ph.D. in archaeology from UAB. He enjoys hiking and chasing bunnies in his back yard. His research efforts center on understanding why the bunnies in the yard always run from him when he only wants to be their friend and how to get his mom to quit her job to stay home all day with him.  He has also perfected jumping through the briar patch just like a bunny.
Coby (Cody, Cobes, Toby, Tobes – anything that sounds remotely like his name) 
Coby is a sweet-hearted nervous boy whose sole goal in life is to receive love and affection. His main hobbies include lying in the sun on the deck, growling at marauders (neighbors), and sleeping in his cozy. His research focuses on how to avoid being perceived by cats and increasing rate of treat distribution and consumption. 
Charlie (a/k/a Charles Manson) 
Charlie, despite his nickname, is the most loving cat known to man. At any given time, he can be heard purring while eating food (that doesn’t belong to him) in the kitchen. He is a notorious bird and rodent hunter despite his mother’s protests. He is a master of stealth. His novel research focuses on how to make dogs disappear or teleport away from him. He has not had success in his investigations as of yet, but he feels he is getting closer by the day. 
Llewyn (Little Llew Who, Llew)
Local bad boy, Llew, possesses talons which have been measured at two inches. Llew is turning over a new leaf in the Tytler Household, trying to shed himself of his bad boy reputation. He has fallen in love with the ever-elusive Squirrel who, unfortunately, does not return his affection and rather hates his advances (or at least this is what she likes to portray). His research studies focus on the effects of various pheromones on attraction levels and use of singing/talking to increase frequency of head scratches. 
Bubblina is a female Veiltail Betta who was rescued from a tiny cup at PetSmart. She quickly found success in her research focusing on how to persuade Erin to buy her a bigger tank, as Erin bought her a 3.5-gallon tank shortly after she was adopted. Bubblina has now refined her interests in researching the role of STAT2 in betta fish immune system development. In her free time, Bubblina enjoys performing jumping tricks for her food and learning how to swim through hoops.
Billie, PhD Candidate
Billie is a domestic shorthaired cat with a big and extremely vocal personality. Standing at 5lbs, with a length of 1’5 at 5 months old, you won’t get passed her walking into just any room. She is the security guard, the inspector, the protector, the chaser of all moving things, and the opener of ALL the cabinets!

Jean aka Squirrel aka Vjeverica (or “Squirrel” in Bosnian)
Jean is obviously very confused about her name but she will answer to anything as long as you bring the gOoD vIbEs and belly rubs! Only at 4 months old, she loves playing, chasing, and annoying her big sis, Billie, who definitely deserves the entire nuisance. When Billie gets tired of her, Jean usually likes playing with her toy fish or ruining Lana’s plants. Although a more cautious and less trusting kitty than Billie, Jean will warm up to anyone within a few minutes and even come around with some head bumps and cuddles!
Beasley, PhD furrdent
Beasley is a rambunctious, yet cuddly, cat that has a tendency to act like a dog. She loves playing fetch, showing off her tricks, and going outside on her leash. To add to her unusual ways, Beasley is obsessed with Taco Bell refried beans and watermelon. Her research focuses on catching birds and mimicking their chirps.  However, Beasley has yet to have a successful experiment.
Lizzie, PhD
Lizzie is the best cow on the farm. Raised as a pet, she comes when called, loves cuddles, and will even allow you to ride her. She is, however, a very picky eater and will only eat top quality hay or “cow treats”. Lizzie recently welcomed her first calf: a white bull named McGuire. Her research is centered on escaping the pasture to find the motherload of cow treats.
Bee (the Bumblebee), PhD in meowing
Bee is like her namesake. She is very sweet and loving, and purrs like a bumblebee, but will take any chance to attack and sting you if you are walking around the corner or into a room. She will also try to fit into any bag or box she finds. When Bee wants to lounge around and relax, you can find her watching the at “her” bird feeder.