Lab News

10/31/2023 Ivon passed her Ph.D defense. Congratulations, Dr. Naiduwadura Ivon Upekala De Silva!

10/17/2023 Talia Fargason was selected to present her work at the 37th Gibbs Conference.

7/7/2023 Steve passed his Ph.D defense. Congratulations, Dr. Zaharias!

5/22/2023 Steve won the first place prize for his poster presentation in the 2023 Mid-South Biophysics Symposium.

4/22/2023 Our work has been published on Protein Science. Congrats to Steve and All!

4/19/2023 Our lab mates Steve Zaharias and Talia Fargason have received Graduate Research Award.

3/17/2023 Our recent work has been published on eLife. Congrats to Talia and All.

10/14/2022 Zihan (Klaus) Zhang won the first place prize for his poster presentation in the 2022 Symposium on RNA Biology XIV: RNA Tool and Target.

7/29/2022 Our summer intern undergraduate Shariq Jamal was recognized as a UAB-CORD Summer Research Winner.

6/28/2022 Our research on early-stage spliceosome assembly is now funded by NIH R35.

7/28/2021 Erin King gave an oral presentation on UAB Expo, and she won a second-place prize.

7/26/2021 Our former trainee Kenneth Davis gave an Expo Keynote Speech.

7/9/2021 Our work entitled “Intrinsically disordered electronegative clusters improve stability and binding specificity of RNA-binding proteins” has been selected as Editors Picks by JBC. DOI: Congrats to all!

4/21/2021 Ivon won the Outstanding Organic Chemistry Graduate Teaching Assistant Award.

11/12/2020 We invited Dr. Vladimir Uversky to give a talk “Dancing protein clouds: Intrinsically disordered proteins in the norm and pathology”

8/1/2020 Our work on electronegative clusters is now funded by NSF MCB.

2/5/2020 Talia Fargason’s first paper has been accepted by Journal Biomolecular NMR. Congrats to all!

7/30/2019 Steve Zaharias will give a literature seminar in Heritage Hall Building Room 124, 11:00 AM.

4/18/2019 Talia, Ting, Heather and Taylor will present their work on UAB EXPO.

4/11/2019 Kenneth will present his work on NCUR.

7/24/2018 Kenneth Davis first-authors our research paper published on Analytical Biochemistry.

3/22/2018 Kenneth Davis from our group was awarded UAB Presidential Summer Fellowship.