The laboratory of Dr. Zdenek Hel

Research Overview

The research in our laboratory focuses on the immunology and pathogenesis of infectious diseases, immune metabolism, mucosal immunology, cancer immunology, immunodeficiencies, and vaccine development.

Our current research program focuses on the analysis of altered myelopoiesis and granulopoiesis in HIV-1 and Covid-19 infections, cancer, common variable immunodeficiency, and multiple sclerosis. Our recent NIH-funded clinical research studies focus on the effect of altered neutrophil subpopulations and other myeloid cells on the mechanisms of cardiovascular and liver diseases in HIV-1-infected individuals and on the role of the innate immune system in HIV-1-associated immune suppression.

By determining the molecular mechanisms of immune dysregulation, we aim to acquire the critical knowledge needed to open new horizons in the design of therapeutic approaches to acute and chronic inflammatory conditions.


  1. To perform cutting-edge research in the fields of immunology and disease pathogenesis.
  2. To promote the importance of research evidence-based approaches for addressing public health challenges facing our society.  
  3. To provide an intellectually challenging, highly collaborative, and friendly research environment for all lab members fostering their professional development and fulfillment of individual career goals.