ASN Annual Meeting Posters (November 2022)

Presenter: Dr. Courtney J. Haycraft
Title: Tracking Polycystin2 In Vivo Using a Novel Engineered Pkd2-HALO Allele

Presenter: Dr. Zhang Li
Title: CD206+ Resident Macrophages are a Candidate Biomarker for Renal Cystic Disease in Preclinical Models and Patients with ADPKD

Presenter: Isis Thomas
Title: Changes in Tubule Flow and Cell Differentiation During Renal Cyst Development

Presenter: Sreelakshmi Cherakara
Title: Renal Injury Response in an Adult Pkd2 Mouse Model

Presentation at FASEB: The Biology of Cilia and Flagella Conference (June 2022)

Refereed Oral Presentation, Rab35 regulation of primary cilia and epithelial cell junctions in mouse kidney and liver. Kelsey R. Clearman, Dharti Patel, Jeremy F. Reiter, and Bradley K. Yoder. Biology of Cilia and Flagella FASEB. Tucson, AZ, June 26-30, 2022. 
Presenter: Kelsey R. Clearman