Distributed Graph Computing (Pregel-Like, IO-Bound)
    • Cost Model, Algorithm Design and Applications [PVLDB’14], [ICDE’18], [IEEE/ACM TCBB’19 (to appear)]
    • Novel Computing Model (Block-Centric) [PVLDB’14]
    • Message Reduction Techniques [WWW’15]
    • Online Query Answering [PVLDB’16], [SIGMOD’16]
    • Out-of-Core Execution [TPDS’18]
    • Fault Tolerance [ICPP’19]
    • System Performance Comparison [PVLDB’15], [SoCC’17]
    • Comprehensive Survey & Tutorial [Foundations and Trends® in Databases], [SIGMOD’16], [SpringerBriefs], [Encyclopedia of Big Data Technologies]
CPU-Bound Big Data Systems
    • Parallel Graph Mining [PPoPP’19], [EuroSys’18], [ER’19]
Spatial Data Management
    • Euclidean Space [CIKM’11], [EDBT’12], [TKDE’14], [ICDE’19]
    • Road Network [PVLDB’11], [ICDE’13], [KAIS’15]
    • Land Surface [CIKM’12]
    • Trajectory [KAIS’15]
Uncertain Data Management
    • Top-k & Ranking Queries [DASFAA’11]
    • Data Mining [ICDE’19], [EDBT’12], [TKDE’14]
    • Spatial Queries [EDBT’12], [TKDE’14]
Data Mining & Cleansing
    • Sequence Mining [EDBT’12], [TKDE’14]
    • Static and Temporal Graph Mining [KDD’16], [EuroSys’18], [DASFAA’17], [ER’19]
    • Location-Based Mining and Inference [ICDE’19], [CIKM’12]
    • Crowd Sourcing [KDD’13]
    • Matrix/Tensor Computations [IEEE TFS’18], [ICDE’19]