Sidebars use widgets, which can be found by going to “Appearance” > “Widgets” in your WordPress dashboard.

The types of widgets that can be added are found under the “Available Widgets” section to the left. The expandable sections to the right shows groups of widgets.

Screenshot of the widget page

The widget group for pages (excluding the blog) is titled “Default Sidebar”.

Adding and Removing Widgets

To add a widget to any of the groups, drag and drop the widget to the group. Alternatively, expand a widget under the “Available Widgets” section to view a dropdown of widget groups.

screenshot of dropdown to add a widget

To change their order within a group, you can drag and drop as well.

To remove a widget from a group, drag and drop it anywhere outside of the group. You can also expand the widget to show its information, and click the “Delete” link.

screenshot showing how to delete a widget

Editing Widgets

Expand a widget to edit the information.

screenshot of expanded widget