Wijeratne Research Group

From top left to right: Shanuk Rajapakse, Gayan Wijeratne, Pritam Mondal, Samith Jayawardana, Garrett Tolbert, Paul Wirth, Eunice Lim

About Us: Our research is geared toward interrogating key mechanistic details pertaining to various crucial biologically and/or industrially relevant inorganic processes utilizing small-molecule, synthetic model compounds. This research interfaces between synthetic inorganic/organic chemistry, structural, spectroscopic, and theoretical characterization methodologies, and detailed thermodynamic and kinetic investigations of reactivity patterns. Wijeratne Group research has been designed to produce all-rounded researchers with multidisciplinary chemical proficiencies, that range from traditional fundamental topics to state-of-the-art inorganic chemistry related applications. The ultimate goal is aimed at comprehending the implications and significance of inorganic transformations/mechanisms of interest in human health and therapeutics, future sustainable catalysis, and next generation alternative energy applications.