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Office: CBSE 234 A
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Dr. Gayan Wijeratne joined UAB in 2018, and is currently an Assistant Professor of Chemistry. He was born in Kandy, Sri Lanka, and received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. He pursued his doctoral degree in the laboratory of Professor Timothy A. Jackson at The University of Kansas, and postdoctoral studies in the laboratory of Professor Kenneth D. Karlin at Johns Hopkins University.

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Johns Hopkins University, 2015–2018
Ph.D. (honors), University of Kansas, 2015
B.Sc. (Chemistry honors), University of Colombo, 2009

Bioinorganic Chemistry Concerning Dioxygen (O2) Activation and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Interconversion; Bio-inspired Synthetic Structural/Functional Models of Metalloenzyme Active Sites; Mechanistic Interrogations of Metalloprotein Biochemistries Involving O2 and NOx’s; Metallobiochemistry Implicated with Human Pathogenesis and Therapeutics; Structural (Geometric and Electronic), Spectroscopic and Computational Analysis of Transient Reaction Intermediates; Designing and Developing Bio-inspired Environmentally Benign (Green), Cheaper Catalysis for Industrially/Synthetically Indispensable Transformations, and/or Next Generation Alternative Energy Applications

Teaching: Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry, Inorganic Structure and Spectroscopy, Metalloenzymes – Structure and Function, Bio-inspired Model Chemistry, Environmentally Benign (Green) Catalysis, and Pathways to Careers in Chemistry

Dissertation Honors, University of Kansas, 2015
Higuchi Doctoral Progress Award for Best Graduate Student, University of Kansas, 2015
Amini/Bailey Schilarship for Research Accomplishments, University of Kansas, 2014
Emily V. Berger Scholarship for Best Incoming Student, University of Kansas, 2010
R. S. Ramakrishna Memorial Gold Medal for Inorganic Chemistry, University of Colombo, 2009

UAB Center for Nanoscale Materials and Biointegration
UAB Center for Free Radical Biology
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Chemical Society
Sri Lankan Association for the Advancement of Science