Poetry Contest Winner

Madeline Chapman

Vulcan’s Gift

Hidden deep within the evergreen,
Where the trails grow red with rocks,
Legend claims the existence,
Of spectacles made by the Vulcan.

For the mortals who dare to look,
And for those more adventurous to see,
The truly wonderful gift of sight,
That the Vulcan has given to our city.

One lens to spy the smallest,
Of all the creatures among the dirt,
And the species who rest above,
Hidden amongst the trees.

And another lens to witness,
All of the souls who once were,
but could no longer see.


Madeline Chapman is a current Junior at UAB who is studying Nursing. She enjoys reading, writing, and creating art in her free time, and loves to take inspiration from nature and current events. She is a member of the UAB Marching Blazers Color Guard and loves to perform at home games. She hopes to be able to continue her passion of writing while pursuing a nursing career.